Thursday, December 20, 2007

[Video] ChemBrap186

Happy holiday season, all. I just discovered something called Windows Movie Maker on this computer...I didn't even know that I had something to edit videos as part of Windows (since Service Pack 2, I have learned). While not exactly the best editor I have ever used, it's good enough to get me started in duh movies. Now we just need a digital camcorder. :)

I present to you my first attempt at editing video (from stills). It went mostly like this:

  • I added a bunch of pictures.
  • I added a bunch of transitions.
  • I set durations such that it keeps a beat.
  • I took the resulting duration and ran down my list of personal tracks until I happened across one of the exact duration. Magic was born. I love it when that happens. :)
This is a result of learning to use the software. I look forward to applying more effort and getting cooler results in the future. :) That's generally how things work best for me.

ChemBrap186 at YouTube.

The track was recorded live (and very much is) about 3 years ago now. Major studio upgrades have taken place since, especially recently. I hope to share some new music in future videos soon.