Friday, December 11, 2009

[Video] Beading with Brap - Episode 3 - The Basic Caterpillar Braplet

Here in the third episode of my new video series, I will show you how to make what I call a 'caterpillar braplet'. This very basic design uses only two beads: 4mm round hematite balls and little hematite-colored Delica seed beads. It can fit a variety of wrist sizes and is very forgiving about doing so. :) Changing-up the beads used to other colors can produce some startling effects and alternating this pattern with others can be very nifty indeed.

I also spend some time playing a little show-n-tell with what I have been doing with the beads I recently got from, shown previously in my unboxing videos a couple of days ago. I have been having some fun, yup yup. (NOT with the watches, though, as they are a lot harder than I predicted they might be. Something tells me that I tried to do them a ways back and had the same troubles. I'll share what I do when I have successfully done it.)

As always, too, you will find some beading tips that you may not know. Only one way to find out, huh. :)

Part 1

Part 2

If you haven't yet watched the first two episodes, I suggest that you do so before viewing these. :)

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EP2 - How to Make a Basic Snake Braplet

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

[Video] Beading with Brap - FireMountainGems Unboxing

This morning we got a nice box from FireMountainGems. I love this place. A little angel once told me that they were of use and I have hardly looked back since. :) I still like bead stores, but this is the BOMB of suppliers for someone such as I. They have the best stretchy stuff (PowerCord-and I have used a lot of different stretchy stuffs in my time) and near unbeatable prices, short of a huge bead show. For me, with my health, in my situation? BOMB, as I said.

SO, while these videos aren't of actual beading, whether you are new (Parts 1 and 2) or old (Part 2 better) at beading, there may be something for you to learn about your beading methods in here. My methods of sharing may be a bit scattered, but if I ever get *that* organized about things, I'll just write a book. :) This is free.

Speaking of which, I endorse FMG as a customer, not as an associate or a 'paid blogger' or any such thing. I just plain reward good business with my mouth. (Stop that. Bad person. You know what I meant.)

Part 1

Part 2

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[Video] Beading with Brap - Episode Two - The Basic Snake Braplet

The Basic Snake Braplet

I considered starting a new blog for this series of videos, but decided that was just stupid. This blog is as much me as another blog would be, but I find it easier and frankly prefer to do it all on one. If you aren't into the beading, there are other reasons to watch them, but it would certainly not be an imperative by any means of measure.

So, here we have a basic instructional on how to make one of my favorite and most versatile styles of braplet: The Snake. It was once called a 'toggle-snake', but that proved to be too much of a mouthful...or I just found the subcategories to be dumb, so the 'toggle-' part sounded stupid. I think that's how it went. :)

I am really enjoying this mode of sharing and if you love beading like I love beading, this should prove to be interesting stuff, fer sures. I plan many, many more. I have many, many things that I can show you. I am one of those people that didn't learn to bead from someone else, but that just makes me an ideal teacher for those who do get their ideas from others. :D Use the methods contained herein with my blessing.

Part 1

Part 2

Download these videos, if you like (right-click and 'save link as' or something):
Part 1 (73,223,251 bytes)
Part 2 (64,157,745 bytes)
Please use them wisely and NON-COMMERCIALLY. I insist on the latter. :)

Episode 1

Monday, December 7, 2009

[Video] Beading with Brap - Episode 1 - The Basic Braplet

This past Saturday we ordered a nice box of beads from FireMountainGems and it really got my juices flowing. Last week, a buddy bought me a webcam and I decided to combine these two possibilities this morning in order to birth an idea that I have had for some time. It's nice to finally act on it. :)

Herein you will find the secrets(!) to making your own braplet. How much or how little it means is up to you, as it has been up to me for most of a decade. I have made thousands of different designs, each unique in some way, many unique in many ways. :) I also plan to make quite a few more of these videos to share further specific 'styles'. We'll see what happens. I am new to making videos, for the most part, but I am starting to get the hang of it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Alternatively, you can download the files if you like (right-click and 'save link as'):

Part 1 (74,906,861 bytes - .WMV format)
Part 2 (74,740,913 bytes - .WMV format)
Part 3 (73,604,775 bytes - .WMV format)
Please use them wisely and NON-COMMERCIALLY. I insist on the latter. :)

Episode 2 now up!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

[Music] Brap Allgood (featuring MC Paranoyd) - ItsAConspiracy

Brap Allgood (feat. MC Paranoyd)

Sometimes I hear things that just pull at me to be sampled and this definitely falls into that category. I even had to put aside what I was already working on, the lure was so strong. :)

MC Paranoyd (AKA Sonia of thetruthergirls) has kindly granted me permission for use of the samples. Thanks also to David Dees for the use of one of his fabulous works of art.

Click to listen or right-click and 'Save as...' to download:
ItsAConspiracy - 320kbps - mp3
ItsAConspiracy - 256kbps - mp3
ItsAConspiracy - 128kbps - mp3

Here's the video that inspired my version:

(And yes, I know there 'should' be an apostrophe, but it'll just get stripped from the title everywhere anyway, so....)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

[Music] Brap Allgood - Born to Shop

Brap Allgood - Born to Shop

Brap Allgood
"Born to Shop"

Presenting my latest track, "Born to Shop". It was inspired by a series of videos (and one in particular) on YouTube. I heartily commend the folks from said videos for their actions and have been granted permission for the samples by Charlie himself (and see his comment below, even). Please, keep that stuff up, fellas. We need more people like you, we do.

The song was built starting with the vocals and sculpting the rest around them over many hours...about 60 of them, from start to finish. My back even went out in the middle of the whole process. (Much better today!) Whee. :) It was created using Ableton Live 6 and Audacity, mostly. It is the latest in my series of 'conversation-starting songs'. :) Here's to hoping it can!

Listen (click) or Download (right-click and 'save link as' or something) here:
Born to Shop - 320kbps mp3
Born to Shop - 256kbps mp3
Born to Shop - 128kbps mp3

More of my free music can be found here. More to follow, back (and health in general) willing.