Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[Music] "To Serve and to Protect" (original music by me)

To Serve and to Protect

UPDATE! (08.02.08): Newly remastered versions! If you downloaded the song before this date, you got hosed. Catch up! I gots some newfound skillz goin' on here.

Right-click and 'Save link as...' or left-click and listen:

To Serve and to Protect (320kbps) - (10,979 bytes)

To Serve and to Protect (192kbps) - (6,588 bytes)

To Serve and to Protect (128kbps) - (4,392 bytes)

See the video here!

OHHH YEEAH! Inspired by (and many thanks to) Alex Jones of, this tribute to Officer Jackboot was a true labor of love. All samples are taken from the original radio/internet broadcast and used by permission (at present, still implied, not expressed, but I am working on it). No, I am not being anti-police here; I am being anti-jackbooted-thug, as we ALL should be.

In any case, please enjoy the track. It took two weeks, Ableton Live and Audacity to achieve. ;) I also used sounds from SampleSwap and SoundSnap, both excellent communities.

This and other free tracks can be listened to and/or downloaded from here. Thanks for your time and attention.