Wednesday, August 6, 2008

[Music] Feeding Frenzy (aka Smart Maxwell)

Here's the new track I said was forthcoming. It was quite a labor of love and I hope you like it, but more importantly, I hope you get it. It features Jordan Maxwell's terrific voice and messages, and was sampled from his appearances on The Alex Jones Show. Special thanks to you both, sirs.

(Right-click and 'Save link as...' or something.)
Feeding Frenzy (aka Smart Maxwell) - 320kbps
Feeding Frenzy (aka Smart Maxwell) - 192kbps
Feeding Frenzy (aka Smart Maxwell) - 128kbps

This and more free music available here, too.

UPDATE! (08.13.08): I remastered the track, as compared to the re-master of To Serve and to Protect, it was terrible. I think I rectified this today, but you can be the judge.


Friday, August 1, 2008

[Music] Brap Allgood - AbsoSNAPly - free album

I am pleased to present an old project of mine that I just mastered yesterday, making me far more inclined to share the recordings. You can view more information about the project here. This is much more frivolous in nature than my current work, but I needed some practice in the art of mastering audio, so I dug some stuff up...and am very glad I did. What fun! Now the more important material I will be dealing with will sound FAR better, too. ;)

The tracks are presented in a .zip of .mp3 formats at 3 different bitrates, so choose your poison:

Right-click and 'Save link as...' or something.
128kbps (55,617 bytes)
192kbps (83,233 bytes)
320kbps (137,587 bytes)

If someone wants to upload these to the torrent community, I'd be grateful. I never have gotten into all that and time is an issue right now, I have so much planned. I'll host the files here only until such time as it takes too much bandwidth, in the event of which they will be removed, so it'd be nice to get them out there.

For best results, burn all to a CD. :) I just did.

This album is made available under a Creative Commons license and you can find more of my tracks here. Also, I'd be remiss not to point to 'my' new video for 'To Serve and to Protect', found here (just in case you missed it).

Thanks for your time and attention.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

[Music Video] To Serve and to Protect

OHHH YEAAHHHH! I am most pleased to present a video for my little ditty by a friend of mine from Digg, GlobalistShill. (Thanks, buddy!)

Of course, I'd like to once again thank Alex Jones and for being the source of my inspiration and a bunch of samples. You guys rock...but you know that. Anyone fighting the good fight knows that.

Direct link to the video.

Digg it.

Also, this time around, I'll add David Dees to the list of heartfelt thanks I must offer. His art is truly of an important nature in today's world, always bold and very thought-provoking. I first discovered Dees via David Icke's gripping presentations and website. Great stuff, all around.

The original song post is found here. You can listen to or download much higher-fidelity versions there (or here, even) if you like the song. Thanks for your attention.

I am just finishing-up my latest track, too. It features Jordan Maxwell and should be along shortly. Peace.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[Music] "To Serve and to Protect" (original music by me)

To Serve and to Protect

UPDATE! (08.02.08): Newly remastered versions! If you downloaded the song before this date, you got hosed. Catch up! I gots some newfound skillz goin' on here.

Right-click and 'Save link as...' or left-click and listen:

To Serve and to Protect (320kbps) - (10,979 bytes)

To Serve and to Protect (192kbps) - (6,588 bytes)

To Serve and to Protect (128kbps) - (4,392 bytes)

See the video here!

OHHH YEEAH! Inspired by (and many thanks to) Alex Jones of, this tribute to Officer Jackboot was a true labor of love. All samples are taken from the original radio/internet broadcast and used by permission (at present, still implied, not expressed, but I am working on it). No, I am not being anti-police here; I am being anti-jackbooted-thug, as we ALL should be.

In any case, please enjoy the track. It took two weeks, Ableton Live and Audacity to achieve. ;) I also used sounds from SampleSwap and SoundSnap, both excellent communities.

This and other free tracks can be listened to and/or downloaded from here. Thanks for your time and attention.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

[Video] ChemBrap - Summary (Trip-A)

Another video by that I took throughout the day yesterday, set to some old music I made a few years back. For now, I present it without any commentary; draw your own conclusions, as they are the most powerful anyway. I know what I am looking at....