Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[Personal] New Blog (This one got tired...)

I will no longer be posting here. For further blog posts, please visit my new blog:

For an explanation of why, please see this post.

I will miss the layout I finally managed to arrange here over the past few years, but I will not miss Google products.


Friday, January 1, 2010

[Music] Rorschach - 1991 Revisited - featuring Brap Allgood

1991 Revisited

Oh, what a fun way to start the new year, right here on this first of firstly days of the year 2010, but with a new/old 'record' release! This is an example of what I was doing, oh, about 19 years ago. :) Look at that cherubic (HIC!) face in the picture! Yeah, that's me in the lower left, bearded and scowling. Hrrrrrrrrr.

While the release is explained further in this text, let me add here that I have been feeling really poorly the past month. I have gone through a fundamental dietary change (no gluten now) and the resulting healing crisis, all related to what I guess is called Celiac Disease. It has been HELL, but I am feeling far, far better now, thank you very much. My energy is topping and my drive is stronger than I can remember. I have a lot of plans for sharing in the days to come. :)

Without much further ado-ness, I present my old band, Rorschach, in this collection of recordings all culled from the same tape, recorded circa.1991, heretofore entitled 1991 Revisited. The quality is so-so, but it beats the pants off of my previous attempt at releasing some ancient tracks. :) These were crafted when I was quite a young man and shot straight to tape live, ready and bristling for your ears all these years later, now. Hee hee hee, what fun!

I decided to simplify the release by only doing one set of mp3s, at 256kbps. Any better would probably be a waste and any less would be mean, heh. You can grab them as a set, zipped, or individually below, as you like. Enjoy!

Zipped ('right-click and save link as' or something):
Rorschach - 1991 Revisited (256kbps - .zipped - 65,711 bytes or so)

01 - Den of Fear (256 kbps - about 5,837 bytes)
02 - Long Hard Look (256 kbps - about 8,675 bytes)
03 - Questions (256 kbps - about 9,465 bytes)
04 - Marconi (256 kbps - about 6,502 bytes)
05 - Dislocated (256 kbps - about 7,636 bytes)
06 - Blood (256 kbps - about 8,222 bytes)
07 - Freeze Attitude (256 kbps - about 7,424 bytes)
08 - Thrum (256 kbps - about 7,706 bytes)
09 - Warbler (256 kbps - about 7,322 bytes)

P.S. This pretty much replaces my previous Rorschach release attempt, as far as I am concerned, so I won't even link to it here. :) I will, however, take a moment to cite the Creative Commons license that these are released under. Fer sure.

I should also warn you that I promise more stuff coming soon! Some classic braps, more 'schachs, what-not! Peace.

More of my music can always be found here at my 'simple' archive, too.