Sunday, July 27, 2008

[Music Video] To Serve and to Protect

OHHH YEAAHHHH! I am most pleased to present a video for my little ditty by a friend of mine from Digg, GlobalistShill. (Thanks, buddy!)

Of course, I'd like to once again thank Alex Jones and for being the source of my inspiration and a bunch of samples. You guys rock...but you know that. Anyone fighting the good fight knows that.

Direct link to the video.

Digg it.

Also, this time around, I'll add David Dees to the list of heartfelt thanks I must offer. His art is truly of an important nature in today's world, always bold and very thought-provoking. I first discovered Dees via David Icke's gripping presentations and website. Great stuff, all around.

The original song post is found here. You can listen to or download much higher-fidelity versions there (or here, even) if you like the song. Thanks for your attention.

I am just finishing-up my latest track, too. It features Jordan Maxwell and should be along shortly. Peace.

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