Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[Music] "To Serve and to Protect" (original music by me)

To Serve and to Protect

UPDATE! (08.02.08): Newly remastered versions! If you downloaded the song before this date, you got hosed. Catch up! I gots some newfound skillz goin' on here.

Right-click and 'Save link as...' or left-click and listen:

To Serve and to Protect (320kbps) - (10,979 bytes)

To Serve and to Protect (192kbps) - (6,588 bytes)

To Serve and to Protect (128kbps) - (4,392 bytes)

See the video here!

OHHH YEEAH! Inspired by (and many thanks to) Alex Jones of, this tribute to Officer Jackboot was a true labor of love. All samples are taken from the original radio/internet broadcast and used by permission (at present, still implied, not expressed, but I am working on it). No, I am not being anti-police here; I am being anti-jackbooted-thug, as we ALL should be.

In any case, please enjoy the track. It took two weeks, Ableton Live and Audacity to achieve. ;) I also used sounds from SampleSwap and SoundSnap, both excellent communities.

This and other free tracks can be listened to and/or downloaded from here. Thanks for your time and attention.



Rexblade said...

Brap this is Rexblade Im on your friends list from digg. I was curious how you uploaded songs to yer blog. And thanks for the cool links to by the way that sample sharing site is cool. Would love to share some of my tunes with you as well. We have a similar music history and I find myself in the same lonely boat.:)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Brilliant!!! To Serve and Protect is now my favourite song!!! Cheers mate!