Thursday, June 11, 2009

[Music] Brap Allgood - Born to Shop

Brap Allgood - Born to Shop

Brap Allgood
"Born to Shop"

Presenting my latest track, "Born to Shop". It was inspired by a series of videos (and one in particular) on YouTube. I heartily commend the folks from said videos for their actions and have been granted permission for the samples by Charlie himself (and see his comment below, even). Please, keep that stuff up, fellas. We need more people like you, we do.

The song was built starting with the vocals and sculpting the rest around them over many hours...about 60 of them, from start to finish. My back even went out in the middle of the whole process. (Much better today!) Whee. :) It was created using Ableton Live 6 and Audacity, mostly. It is the latest in my series of 'conversation-starting songs'. :) Here's to hoping it can!

Listen (click) or Download (right-click and 'save link as' or something) here:
Born to Shop - 320kbps mp3
Born to Shop - 256kbps mp3
Born to Shop - 128kbps mp3

More of my free music can be found here. More to follow, back (and health in general) willing.



Charles Veitch said...

BRAVO for this great track


Brap Allgood said...

Thanks Charlie! I'd say that qualifies as better than plain old permission for sample use. :)

Much love.

Ampkilla said...