Sunday, August 23, 2009

[Music] Brap Allgood (featuring MC Paranoyd) - ItsAConspiracy

Brap Allgood (feat. MC Paranoyd)

Sometimes I hear things that just pull at me to be sampled and this definitely falls into that category. I even had to put aside what I was already working on, the lure was so strong. :)

MC Paranoyd (AKA Sonia of thetruthergirls) has kindly granted me permission for use of the samples. Thanks also to David Dees for the use of one of his fabulous works of art.

Click to listen or right-click and 'Save as...' to download:
ItsAConspiracy - 320kbps - mp3
ItsAConspiracy - 256kbps - mp3
ItsAConspiracy - 128kbps - mp3

Here's the video that inspired my version:

(And yes, I know there 'should' be an apostrophe, but it'll just get stripped from the title everywhere anyway, so....)

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