Friday, August 1, 2008

[Music] Brap Allgood - AbsoSNAPly - free album

I am pleased to present an old project of mine that I just mastered yesterday, making me far more inclined to share the recordings. You can view more information about the project here. This is much more frivolous in nature than my current work, but I needed some practice in the art of mastering audio, so I dug some stuff up...and am very glad I did. What fun! Now the more important material I will be dealing with will sound FAR better, too. ;)

The tracks are presented in a .zip of .mp3 formats at 3 different bitrates, so choose your poison:

Right-click and 'Save link as...' or something.
128kbps (55,617 bytes)
192kbps (83,233 bytes)
320kbps (137,587 bytes)

If someone wants to upload these to the torrent community, I'd be grateful. I never have gotten into all that and time is an issue right now, I have so much planned. I'll host the files here only until such time as it takes too much bandwidth, in the event of which they will be removed, so it'd be nice to get them out there.

For best results, burn all to a CD. :) I just did.

This album is made available under a Creative Commons license and you can find more of my tracks here. Also, I'd be remiss not to point to 'my' new video for 'To Serve and to Protect', found here (just in case you missed it).

Thanks for your time and attention.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely Brilliant!!! To Serve and Protect is now my favourite song EVER!!! Thanks I really appreciate it!