Friday, December 11, 2009

[Video] Beading with Brap - Episode 3 - The Basic Caterpillar Braplet

Here in the third episode of my new video series, I will show you how to make what I call a 'caterpillar braplet'. This very basic design uses only two beads: 4mm round hematite balls and little hematite-colored Delica seed beads. It can fit a variety of wrist sizes and is very forgiving about doing so. :) Changing-up the beads used to other colors can produce some startling effects and alternating this pattern with others can be very nifty indeed.

I also spend some time playing a little show-n-tell with what I have been doing with the beads I recently got from, shown previously in my unboxing videos a couple of days ago. I have been having some fun, yup yup. (NOT with the watches, though, as they are a lot harder than I predicted they might be. Something tells me that I tried to do them a ways back and had the same troubles. I'll share what I do when I have successfully done it.)

As always, too, you will find some beading tips that you may not know. Only one way to find out, huh. :)

Part 1

Part 2

If you haven't yet watched the first two episodes, I suggest that you do so before viewing these. :)

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