Wednesday, December 9, 2009

[Video] Beading with Brap - FireMountainGems Unboxing

This morning we got a nice box from FireMountainGems. I love this place. A little angel once told me that they were of use and I have hardly looked back since. :) I still like bead stores, but this is the BOMB of suppliers for someone such as I. They have the best stretchy stuff (PowerCord-and I have used a lot of different stretchy stuffs in my time) and near unbeatable prices, short of a huge bead show. For me, with my health, in my situation? BOMB, as I said.

SO, while these videos aren't of actual beading, whether you are new (Parts 1 and 2) or old (Part 2 better) at beading, there may be something for you to learn about your beading methods in here. My methods of sharing may be a bit scattered, but if I ever get *that* organized about things, I'll just write a book. :) This is free.

Speaking of which, I endorse FMG as a customer, not as an associate or a 'paid blogger' or any such thing. I just plain reward good business with my mouth. (Stop that. Bad person. You know what I meant.)

Part 1

Part 2

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